The art of receiving guests and etiquette have to been mastered when you work in a luxury environnement. Your team need to learn all the luxury codes in order to meet the requirements of your customers and provide them a unique experience.

Luxury culture

1 day

Objective : to master the standards, attitude and protocol to excel in a luxury environnement.

  • The essence of luxury
  • Grooming
  • Gestures
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Language

Welcoming guests

1 day

The clients arrive in the universe of your brand… from the first smile and word, they immediately know that they are unique.

  • To welcome with excellence
  • To welcome by phone
  • To be a brand ambassador
  • To adapt to customer culture

Delight your clients

1 day

Objective : to provide an extraordinary experience to the guests while visiting your establishment.

  • The pleasure of receiving guests
  • The anticipation of expectations
  • The meaning of empathy
  • The art of storytelling


1 day

Objective : to express oneself comfortably in a luxury environment to develop their assertiveness.

  • Basic rules
  • To get to know themselves
  • To adapt the communication
  • To formulate a rejection

Selling techniques

Upselling & Cross-selling

1 day

Objective : to improve sales thanks to specialized techniques.

  • To promote the offers
  • To identify customers profiles
  • To create a climate of trust
  • To master the sale steps

Handling difficult situations

1 day

Objective : to develop tools and reactivity to be able to anticipate complicated situations.

  • To analyse the conflict
  • To manage inapropriate behaviours
  • Active listening
  • To present a solution

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